Yeast Infection No More\Sex and yeast infection

Frequent bathing, using perfumed soaps, bath foams and shower gels for some women also causes problems.
If a woman suffers from yeast infection, you should avoid baths and prefer to choose a shower of products is suitable cosmetics specially designed for intimate hygiene.

The trigger may be in a chlorinated swimming pool where chlorine disrupt the natural vaginal flora that kill of bacteria, which are responsible for the vaginal balance Yeast Infection Problem

Because of this essentially disinfection vaginal yeast overgrowth occurs and exacerbation.
It is good to remember that contribute to the development of infection or long stay in a wet bathing suit, which enhances the effect of wet environments, “says gynecologist.
Starting torque is much more.Yeast Infection Sometimes trouble starts using perfumed inserts, fabric softener when washing underwear or wearing tight pants.

The fault may be sex and immunity
In some cases, especially for women who suffer from recurrent yeast infections, the disease to be associated with sex

It is reported that some of the men whose partners suffer from candidacies, can be demonstrated in laboratory yeast in the mouth and ejaculate, although men do not have any trouble Yeast Infection Program.
Thus, if male yeast infected, it can lead to ping-pogrom effect – and then, if the woman was treated with a partner who does not know about your problem, it will always be re-infected after re-treatment.


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