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Kyle Leon review 2013

When Running

What to watch when running

According to Kyle Leon running in the winter, cool in addition, another drawback, and it’s that you should expect lower quality surface on which it runs. If temperatures go below freezing point, it is necessary to avoid areas that are covered with ice.

In the event that the country is higher under a layer of snow, it is necessary to choose the path trodden as running, in which you plunged knee-deep into the snow, certainly not ideal.

If you do not reach temperatures below freezing during the winter season likely to encounter when running the place muddy or covered with fallen leaves in autumn.

Dr. Micheal Allen the author of Fat Loss Factor said regarding sites run by them is ultimately your shoes and psychological readiness for subsequent cleaning of the shoes.

Another warning concerns the fallen leaves, which, although at first glance does not look dangerous, but it is important to pay attention to it, because it is at increased risk of slipping.

Especially not forgetting proper stretching and drinks

Although when running in the winter you do not feel so thirsty in the summer, do not forget that in this period it is necessary to drink a. For longer routes, then take a drink with him at shorter routes at home do not forget to add fluid, which should not be cold, but not too hot.

And even after running in winter, do not forget the proper stretching, which should not be followed by at least thirty minutes after finishing. Not recommended (and not only in winter but also throughout the year) stretching before running, where, due to the lack of warming muscles, could face a pulled muscle.

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